Our Histories Have Been Escaping Us

Stuart McKenzie

‘Our Histories Have Been Escaping Us’ 2016

‘Our Histories Have Been Escaping Us’ was intially inspired by two self titled poems  – Travel Games and Hairbrush (from where it takes its title).

These pieces are self portraits ( and or re worked )portraits recalling everyday personnal detritus. Alchemy takes place in the final process through technique. What is left behind is given legendary, even mythological status by virtue of its embossed gold appearance. A poetic afterlife is granted, and the quest to tick the boxs in this life for posterity, remembrance, seems possible. 

Rather than name the individual pieces, the viewer is invited to query the originating  matter. 



Series 1 – 9  Embossed gold on card in biodegradable film sleeve 148mm x 105mm



‘Untitled’  2016 Embossed gold on photocopy  16cm x 12cm 2016