Sesame Street

Stuart McKenzie
Sesame Street
September 29th – November 18th 2017
Preview: Thursday 28th September 6-9pm

To accompany the exhibition TG will be launching a new publication by Stuart McKenzie featuring written work by an invited group of writers & poets:

An Account of Frederick McKenzie Playing Johnny Cash Covers at Strangeways Prison, Manchester, 1973.

Sean Ashton, Tenzing Barshee, Jasper Baydala, Austin Collings, Matthias Connor, Patrick Cosgrove, Joe Devlin, Steve Hunt, Sue Johns, Lisa Kelly, Julia Meier, Cheryl Moskowitz, Anita Pati, Jody Porter, Joanne Robertson, Tommy Sissons, David Taylor, Tiffany Anne Tondut.
Published by TG, Nottingham.
Designed by Blue Firth & Hugh Frost.

Available directly from the gallery, Koenig Books (Charing Cross, London) & ICA, London.